Welcome to the photo galleries of Nina Tucciarelli, also known as Damsel in the Dollhouse. I specialize in performance photography and am currently based in Bozeman, MT. Throughout this website you will find a large selection of my photographs which can be purchased with just a few simple clicks! Please note that all photos have been watermarked with my copyright, but the watermarking will not appear on the printed photos.

Begin by selecting the PHOTO GALLERIES link from the menu bar. As you browse each photo, the print rates and sizing options will appear to the right of your screen. When you are ready to purchase a photo, just click on the BUY button. A new window will open and ask you to confirm the size and number of prints before adding the order to your shopping cart. To purchase more than one photo from the same gallery, move your cursor over the desired images and place a checkmark in the small circle in the bottom left of the photo. In addition to prints, photo books, framing, and matting options are available and can be selected via the shopping cart screen.

When you are finished making your selections, be sure to check the cropping of your photos from the shopping cart window. Due to the many print sizing options available you will need to check and adjust the photo cropping that best suits your needs. Simply click on the CROPPING link beneath the photo on the shopping cart screen. A new window will open to show you the expected cropping areas of the photo along with three cropping options that include CENTERED, FIT, or MANUAL. These options will appear as clickable buttons directly below the photo.

The CENTERED option will center the print area of the photo according to your print size selected. Depending on the size of the original photo, this option can result in the cropping of the outer edges of the photo and part of the main subject. You can move the orange outline as needed within the cropping box according to your preference. The FIT option may add white space around the image according to your selected print size to make sure no part of the photo subject is lost. The MANUAL option will allow you to adjust the crop areas freely.

Once you have made your final cropping selection, click the APPLY button in the bottom right hand corner to complete your checkout process. Please be advised that if you do not check your photos prior to checkout the default photo cropping setting is CENTERED which could result in overly trimmed areas of the image. Neither the photographer nor the printing company will be held responsible for photos that are not checked and cropped correctly during the checkout proces. If you have any cropping questions prior to purchase do not hesitate to contact me directly for assistance.

All images are available for purchase as high res downloadable files from this website (or for purchase from me directly if you prefer to receive the images on a CD/DVD). Rates do differ for personal and commercial uses. I also offer discounts for the purchase of five images or more. Simply contact me via the CONTACT ME link above with the image numbers you wish to purchase and I will notify you once the downloads have been activated.

To learn more about me and my extensive work in the visual and performing arts in such roles as photographer, dancer, choreographer, singer, songwriter, costume designer, and theatrical producer, please visit my main website at www.damselinthedollhouse.com.